“We produce New Generation Batteries using the world's best battery cells”


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BEE Battery Solutions

“As a result of R&D studies that started 10 years ago, BeeBattery's is a global solution partner in the development and production of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The company's advanced technology and reliability enable and accelerate the transition to clean energy solutions. BeeBattery's creates the only independent, pure-play business focused solely on advanced battery technologies. Founded and headquartered in Turkey, the Company has a diversified solution platform with both scientific and production centers in the USA and UK.”



Battery Packs For Home Usage

Offering energy storage units for homes in different capacities, that meets your home needs with 5kw, 15kw, and 45kw options

Battery Packs For Electrical Vehicles

We manufacture energy storage units for various applications such as Passenger cars, Trucks, Busses, forklifts, boats and yachts.

Customized Battery Pack

We provide solutions to meet your unique energy needs, offering custom battery packs up to 200kw


“Batteries produced by Bee Battery, Operating temperature range: -40ºC to 60ºC. BEEBattery not only exceeds these temperature values, but also exceeds the performance of all battery cells produced in the world so far, resulting in a battery that provides higher current potential and has a higher energy density.”

Our Team

Meet The Team

As a team that specializes on electro mobility and energy technologies, we are looking forward to doing business with you!

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Nihat Fatih Kayacıoğlu
Chemical Engineer, ITU
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Abdulaziz Ali
Mechanical Engineer, ITU
Yahya Acar
Electrical Engineer, ITU

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